Do you work at ASML? Then you can sign up for ASML e-bike hub here to use all the electric share bikes from the more than 17 ASML e-bike hubs.

Meld je aan via de Drop Business App en je ontvangt direct een link per mail waarmee je jouw Drop Business account kunt activeren. Hieronder leggen we uit hoe je een rit start met de ASML-deelfiets en waar je de e-bikes kunt vinden. Geniet van je eerste rit!

How it works?

Easy & Fast on the go

Create a Drop Business account to use one of the ASML e-bike hubs. Complete the following steps:

1. Download the Drop Business app in the Google Playstore or in the App Store.

2. Go through the registration steps in the app using your name and your ASML email address.

 Confirm the link you received by email from Drop Business and complete the registration (check the spam box to be sure).

4. Your account is activated and you are now able to log into the app and take your first ride on the e-bike.

Create ASML account

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